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    I am totally pleased and satisfied by the well planned treatment, he provided limited medication and more counseling to understand my my sexual weaknesses. Thanx Hakeem sahb.

    Iftekhar saeed


    If you are suffering from any sex related problems or not able to satisfy your partner. So, that you can contact Hakeem Rabbani Sahab. He is the best sexologist.

    Shamsu Rehman


    I was struggling with erection problems for last 3 years and I was really depressed to death. I had lost all hopes. I tried all the medication buy day by day the required dose to maintain erection, only his medication provided me a healthy life again.



    I have been taking his medicines for the past three months. These medicines are prepared by Hakeem Rabbani Sahab and trust me these are very good.

    Faraz Ahmad


    Hi I am 28 years old and i was suffering from premature ejaculation for past 5 years. I tried a few doctors but results were not satisfactory at all, I found Hakeem Rabbani Sahab.

    Shamir Ali


    My case solved within 2.5 months. Meanwhile good news is that I m married and my wife is pregnant, we are planning a baby now. Thanx Hakeem sahab.



    Marriage word was like biggest fear from me. I have tried many doctors but he is the best sexologist.

    A.K. Singh


    I m 28 years old and unmarried. I have been suffering from lost erections and lack of sex desire since last 5years. Now I'm fine with his treatment.

    Sam Rao


    I m 29 years old, i was suffering from erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, before approaching Hakeem Rabbani Sahab.

    Arman Hussain


    Therapies are purely natural and are very potent.



    He was very friendly and made me feel like i was his son. Very nice package too.



    I never thought i would be telling everyone in public or on social media so freely and with confidence to get treated for sexual problems. It has always been a taboo in India to talk or discuss sex in India. But my country is changing now. People are more open and happy to discuss their problems. So, it was my duty to help my fellow Indian friends. Kindly consult him if you also having any sexual